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Renewable Natural Gas

Our consulting and marketing services are tailored to ensure our clients get the most from their biogas digester projects.

Digester Project Feasibility Consulting

Want to find out if your farm is right for a biogas digester? As part of CEI's complementary feasibility consulting service, we will evaluate your farm across more than thirty distinct criteria to determine the true feasibilty and revenue potential for your project. This is a great first step for anyone just starting to consider a biogas digester.


Project Marketing

The most crucial step in a farm biogas digester project is finding the right development partner. A good partner will bring not only capital assets to the project but also proven facility contruction and operations know-how, gas offtake expertise, and a focus on collaboration and team success. We leverage our decades of experience and extensive network of trusted industry contacts to position your farm for the best deal with the right partner.


Project Development Consulting

How do you ensure your digester facility is constructed on time, on budget, and entirely to spec? Put CEI on your side. We can provide support on technology and vendor selection, construction design, project execution, safety, regulatory compliance, and budget oversight.

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