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CEI makes renewable energy easy and profitable for your business.

Technicians engaged in the detecting of a wind turbine installation for the production of

It seems like everyone these days is making the switch to renewable power. There's a good reason for that.

It's just smart business.

Companies across the country are slashing costs and boosting profits with on-site solar arrays, wind turbines and biogas digesters. And, the technology has never been better or more affordable, making it the perfect time to acquire your own clean, renewable power supply.


However, taking your renewable energy project from concept to cash flow means navigating dozens of critical steps - from system engineering and procurement, and right through to financing, permitting, installation and commissioning. With CEI, you'll eliminate the guesswork and know your getting maximum value from a job done right.

Renewable Energy. Reliable Expertise.

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CEI designs, finances and builds renewable energy projects that deliver real savings decade after decade.

Our products are guaranteed to perform. Our services are completely turn-key. Our insight is second to none.  

Solar Power

Roof-mount, ground-mount, suspended or floating. Fixed-tilt or adjustable. Today's solar technology offers options that will deliver great returns for just about any project.  

Wind Energy

Wind turbines are quiet, efficient, and capable of generating power anytime, day or night. Plus, the small size of modern, low profile micro turbines make wind energy a suitable option far more locations than ever before.

Yes, you can afford to own your renewable energy system and start saving immediately.

Not sure about that? Let CEI show you how.

Not only have the costs of solar and wind energy systems plummeted over the last decade, buy today there are literally hundreds of federal and state financial incentives available making a renewable energy investment downright cheap. In some cases, these incentives may offset over 90% of the system's cost. 


  • 30% - 50% federal Investment Tax Credit

  • Rural Energy for America Program grants of up to $1,000,00

  • Accelerated federal tax depreciation

  • State Renewable Energy Credit (REC) programs

CEI can even provide you a low cost power purchase agreement or financing program that will let you enjoy energy savings right away with no upfront cost.

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